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Join our secure Patient Connect Portal. This amazing service will let you do things like:

  • Request appointments online
  • Pay your bills and see your payment history
  • Adjust your email and text appointment reminders
  • Be alerted when you’re due for your next checkup
  • Receive special discounts and promotions from our office

All you have to do is activate your account and pick a password to start enjoying these perks. Just click the button and steps below to get started!

We’ll see you at the Patient Connect Portal!

Customize Communications

We understand during the pandemic you may have received a lot of communications from a lot of different companies. However, we don’t want you to miss important messages like your appointment reminders.

By selecting OPT-OUT, you actually are opting out of ALL communications including appointment reminders. Set up your preferences to receive the communications you want to know about and follow the steps below.

  1. Click the “Patient Login” button
  2. Register or Sign In
  3. Select the Communication Preferences tab left-hand side
  4. Check all the email notifications you want to receive
  5. Check all the text notifications you want to receive

Online Payments

To keep you safe during and after the pandemic, our online payments are more beneficial than ever. Avoid swapping materials in the office and make payments from the comfort of your home or on the go.

  1. Click the “Patient Login” button
  2. Register or Sign In
  3. Select Online Payments tab left-hand side
  4. See your payment due
  5. Input your payment information