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Dentistry Technology CEREC: Tennessee Centers for Laser Dentistry

CEREC is a highly useful, state-of-the-art technology used for tooth restoration. It enables dentists to manufacture dental restorations in their very own office—with outstanding results. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, and has a plethora of benefits for dentists and patients alike. The greatest benefit of CEREC, we can do same day crown appointments!

CEREC CAD/CAM technology enables computer-aided design for restoration of esthetic ceramics. This allows for single-day problem correction and even restoration of patient teeth. If a patient requires ceramic restorations for crowns or veneers, there is no longer a wait between preparing a restoration and obtaining a finished product. With CEREC, the ceramic is created using digital software so that treatment minimizes discomfort. Furthermore, the restorations created using the CEREC process are metal-free and tooth colored to restore your tooth to its natural strength, function, and beauty.

What are the Benefits of CEREC Technology?

CEREC dental technology greatly enhances the experience for both professionals and patients alike. Dentists can improve craftsmanship, while simultaneously providing superior and more enjoyable treatment—leading to a big smile for both dentists and their patients.

Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

With fewer injections, better equipment, and the elimination of impression trays, patients will enjoy this treatment over other traditional approaches. Such experiences are likely to make patients more comfortable about getting treatment for their teeth as well as reduce their anxiety when paying a visit to the dentist.

Seamless Integration in Dental Practice

CEREC dental technology has been specially designed in order to integrate seamlessly with dentist-specific protocols. Process automation—between the milling machine, intraoral scanner, and design software—leads to a hassle-free workflow. Whether systems consist of complex dental processes or treatment-specific materials, CEREC technology is highly adaptive. This is what makes same-day crown appointments possible!

Rigorous Clinical Safety

When using CEREC dental technology, dentists are in complete control of all protocols and operations. Patients can rest assured that results are clinically reliable without the need for rework or chance of surprises—whether those are mouth scans or impressions for veneers. The computer-aided design systems have been thoroughly tested to provide accurate measurements.

Useful in a Wide Range of Indications

Dentists who are looking for a system that facilitates metal insertion, impressions for veneers, mouth scans, bridges, or crowns opt for a go-to solution like CEREC. With this technology as a base, there’s a more enjoyable, convenient appointment experience overall.

Is CEREC Technology Safe?

Yes, CEREC is absolutely safe! Trust, hygiene, and safety are the fundamental pillars that CEREC technology is based upon. 

Plus, dentists are more equipped to take on a larger number of appointments due to a better treatment procedure—while simultaneously providing a level of safety that is unmatched. In pursuit of maximizing patient satisfaction for every visit, CEREC has incorporated safety features into the entire procedure. This includes:

  • Metal-free restorations, minimizing the risk of any unforeseen reactions;
  • Eliminating the need for temporary restorations between visits thanks to precise model generation;
  • Superior teeth impression process with less painful injections;
  • More reliability than temporary fixes as restorations can last 10 years and up.

Chairside Economical Restoration Process using CEREC technology?

With CEREC technology, you are able to design and mill custom restorations during one visit. But how does this process work in detail? Here is a detailed walkthrough of the process.

Preparation Before the Procedure

Before beginning the procedure, a dental professional must determine if CEREC is the right choice for you. Depending on how much healthy tooth structure you have remaining, you may need to install a crown or do a simple filling. After reviewing possible options, the process will begin through anesthetic administration and tooth restoration preparation via decay and weakened tissue removal.

Digital Imaging for Obtaining Impressions

A three-dimensional image of the tooth needed to be restored must be made from a digital camera scan in order for the desired restoration to come from CEREC technology. This three-dimensional image will then be used to create the restorations without the need to make a messy impression, leading to huge relief and a better experience overall.

In other words, for patients, no more gag-inducing impression material. After the scan, the computer (coupled with CEREC 3D software) converts the digital image into a virtual model of the prepared tooth.

Utilization of A Milling Device

A milling device is used to create the custom restorations needed for the tooth. Based on the original color of the teeth at hand, a dentist is able to select the correct colored ceramic block and, in but a few minutes, the milling device is able to create the restorations needed!

Placing the Restoration and Completion of CEREC Dental Process

After the restoration is made, it is ready to be tried on to ensure that the proper fit and bite is present. When it is ready, the restoration is polished and bonded into place by a dental professional. Thus, no temporary restoration is needed, and no return trip is necessary! This not only saves valuable time but also money.

How Tennessee Centers for Laser Dentistry Can Help

CEREC technology might sound foreign and somewhat daunting—but there is absolutely nothing to worry about. CEREC helps practitioners offer teeth restorations in a convenient and effortless way for all patients, ensuring that there is no soreness or discomfort in the patient’s mouth or gums. 

If you have any questions regarding a CEREC procedure or would like to know if it is the right treatment option for you, simply give us a call to schedule an appointment. Seeing our patients with a big, bright smile is what (literally) makes our day! 

We have same day appointments available! Schedule yours today!

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